Need by Need

Aside from our core projects, we look for ways to scale our impact, which sometimes fall outside of the Andean communities we serve. These are case-by-case efforts that we feel gravitated to address and believe that the impact will be meaningful and lasting


Implementation of Dining Hall at San Pedro Apostol Parish

For the San Pedro Apostol Parish in the city of Huaro, near Cuzco, we implemented a dinning hall and equipped it with the necessary amenities. Thanks to the generous contributions from our donors, amounting $4,200, we were able to provide furniture, dining hall materials, refrigerator, freezer, pressure cookers, pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. The parish now houses 150 children, between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, who were living in extreme poverty. Our dining hall is able to accommodate that entire group, serving hot meals on a daily basis.


School Supplies Program

In 2005, we delivered supplies to support the communities' academic and physical education courses. These supplies included books, encyclopedias, interactive games, pens, and athletic equipment. These supplies supported Pichigua's student body of 100 children. Furthermore, we enhanced Pichigua's communication infrastructure by providing its school with a new Public Address (P.A.) system.


Solar Thermal Water Heater and Hot Water Pipes

With a generous $2,700 donation, Miguitas de Amor was able to donate a solar thermal water heater and hot water pipes to the orphanage Casa de la Divina Providencia in Abancay of the Apurimac region. This addition now brings hot water to an all-girls pre-school in a region that can reach 30 degrees during the winter.


Gift of Blankets

Due to its terrain, the Andes are confronted with severe cold fronts annually. The Andes were hit drastically in 2004 and 2010 when the temperatures dropped to as low as 13 degrees Fahrenheit. To help reduce the risk of pneumonia, Miguitas de Amor provided a combined 540 blankets to support more than 150 families in 3 communities during those harsh times. These communities were Pichigua, Pampacocha, and Nahuimpujio.


Establishment of Health Post in El Arenal of Los Aquijes District

In partnership with the non-profit organization Grupo de Iquenos of Northern California, we donated medical and health care equipment in addition to materials to establish the Health Post of El Arenal. This health facility serves a sizeable population of 8,500 inhabitants. Thanks to the donations we received from our supporters, totaling $5,000, we were able to implement this Medical Post that serves a region of extreme poverty and many health issues, including respiratory, dental, and skin diseases, intestinal parasites, nutrition deficiency, kidney infections, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases.


Sleeping Pads Donation

In 2007, Miguitas de Amor provided sleeping pads to 85 families in the community of Pichigua. These families normally live in one room adobe homes where the floor is made out of just firm soil. They sleep on top of animal furs if they are fortunate enough to own them. We gave priority to families with small children or seniors.