Meet the Team

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Marcel Neumann, Founder & Director

My main goal is to follow the legacy of my father, Don Alfredo Neumann Aguero. He was a simple and extraordinary leader within and outside the YMCA movement. Being innovative and committed, he was a worthy example of a life dedicated to the service of others. I will always remember him with love and respect. For those who were privileged to know him and to enjoy his wise counsel, his memories and legacies are deeply rooted in our lives. 

Gloria Davila, Founder & Director

I founded Miguitas de Amor because I believe that every individual deserves a decent childhood. Over the years, I have been joined by others who share my passion to help children in need. We believe that it is a joy to help those that live in far less fortunate circumstances. What drives our belief is the opportunity to see happiness on the faces of the children we reach. Through our works we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus, “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” With the support of our generous donors, I’m absolutely confident in our team to expand the impact of Miguitas throughout the Andean communities and beyond.

My husband and I have had a family business since 1995. Since then I’ve run the money management and accounting. I’m also proud to be a CEO of Motherhood, which is my full time job since Vanessa and Natalia blessed our lives. My hobbies besides my kids are to study psychology, read, spend time with loved ones, my dog Rory, and travel every chance I can.

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Michael Wishart, Associate Director

Michael Wishart here! I am a SF Bay area native who studied mathematics and played water polo at Santa Clara University. Before I began my career at Xilinx, I had the opportunity to travel to South America with my childhood friend, Justin Vertongen. Along with having a Peruvian mother, the experiences I have had on that trip led me to become a passionate member of Miguitas de Amor.

With the support of our community, Justin and I are excited to work with Gloria and her team to help Miguitas expand on its impressive accomplishments to make a positive impact on the Andean people of Peru.



Justin Vertongen, Associate Director

Buenas! If I were to sum myself up in a few short words or phrases I would say I am an ambitious self-starter, who loves to travel and experience new cultures. Those same qualities brought me to Peru and later got me involved with Miguitas de Amor. Witnessing the potential for positive impact in communities surrounding the Andes stays with me each day and I live for the opportunities we are presented to improve lives.

With a degree in Business and Environmental Studies, I am most excited about the Greenhouse program and exploring ways for these communities to get more nutritious produce in their diets.

Always happy to connect with new people, so please feel free to email me at -

Anibal Pacheco, Project Manager

I'm a dedicated teacher with 20 years of experience. In 2002, I relocated to the community of Pichigua where I witnessed the poverty and exclusion of communities by successive governments. The lack of opportunity and hope has pigeonholed these communities into a continuous cycle of poverty and punishment.

I became a teacher to revive hope and faith in the children by working to enable better authorities and better communities for the future generations. I remember my first year at Pichigua; all I had was a room with a dirt floor, leaky roof, and no electricity. As one would consider this is unacceptable for any school, yet it was very common for many teachers throughout the rural communities. During the six month rainy season, times were especially difficult as roads were interrupted by landslides; the landslides isolated these communities as the only way to provide support was by walking 4 to 7 hours.

Experiencing these hardships has inspired me to do what I can to improve the lives of the children. At some point in your life, The Lord touches your heart, and asks you, "what are you doing for others?" Thus, I coordinated with Gloria Neumann to help these families and "Miguitas de Amor" was soon formed. I am honored to say that this organization was created on the foundation of Christian values to spread solidarity and love so that communities in poverty may provide a better quality of life for future generations


Violeta Pacheco, Project Specialist

I first learned of Miguitas through its founder and friend, Gloria. Being a teacher in Lima, Peru with experience in public and private institutions, I was motivated by the goals of Miguitas to meet the needs of families living in the Andean region of Peru. I began my work with Miguitas as a coordinator in charge of buying and sending supplies that are donated to the schools and families in the Andean communities. Since 2012, I have moved to Cusco where I am able to directly support the various projects that Miguitas pursues. It is my joy to be part of an organization that is based on love, and is able to find success with the support of friends who believe in our mission. 


Zaida Pacheco, Project Coordinator

Living in Cusco, Peru has made me aware of the lack of opportunities and cycle of poverty faced by the children that live in the surrounding rural area. These children are unaware of the unfair circumstances they were placed in. For this reason,  I joined the team at Miguitas de Amor to bring the love of God and gifts from our supporters to the children of these Andean communities. With Miguitas, I am able to address a problem my community has been faced with for as long as I have been around.. One can see the impact that these crumbs of love make by looking at the joy on the children’s faces. It has been a privilege to spread the mission of an organization that makes a positive impact in a community that has been more or less "pushed to the side."

Outside of Miguitas de Amor,  I work as an Accounting and Audit Manager with over thirty years of experience working in the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco. I'm also a professor at the Technological University of the Andes-UTEA along with Advisory Projects in the Andean University in Cusco. My hobbies include reading and listening to music.